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          CHI Elevator Technology Co., Ltd.has been established as a professional elevator installation solution company in China under our solid backbone, CHI Group Co., Ltd.. And CHI Group has been specialized in production, design, leasing construction machinery for over 10 years. Its CHI products have been widely used in China, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Chile, Uruguay, Middle East and so on. Based on the decision of the group company to diversify our properties and make it more professional in elevator installation line, we have established this corporation in Wuxi, China.
          To be a leading supplier for elevator installation by providing enhanced services, better designed product and professional solutions. To provide safer, quicker, easier and more economic elevator installation solutions that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.
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          Nice OEM climbers we made for false car according to customer's request.For more information,please …
          CHI Elevator Technology Co., Ltd.
          Add: No. 28-7, Nanhuzhong Rd., Binhu Dist, Wuxi, China
          Mobile: +86-13814232666
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